Entities of Transdimensional Emergence

by Rendered Helpless

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The sophomore release from Rendered Helpless was the next step up in regards to almost everything from the first release Unstoppable Parasites.

Blending elements from a myriad of genres including Deathcore, BDM, Doom, and even Technical Death Metal, then laying them all over a foundation of Slamming Death Metal to create a non-stop, in-your-face barrage of brutality, and a suffocating atmosphere, leaving you very little time to breathe between songs.

Featuring guest spots from local New Zealand musicians, Steven Booth of Depraved, Sam McRobert of Secularity, and James Vanner.

Mixed and Mastered by Miguel Tereso of Demigod Recordings.
Album art created by Mark Cooper at Mindrape Art.

All music written and recorded by Alexander Paul. With exception of guest spots and the sample-based intro.


released April 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Rendered Helpless Christchurch, New Zealand

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Track Name: Envoking Eradication
Summon eradication
A cult-devised extinction
Harvesting the soul of those deemed not too live

Bled dry of all bodily fluids
Innumerable sacrifices
Hymn and chanting stirs the flames

Reality splits from logic
Portals open globally
Beings of infinite mass emerge from the cosmos

Carnage ensues x2

Cultists Panicking
Unexpected Calamity
Countless casualties
Another world ravaged by the plague of unending tides of dark spawn demons

Hordes from the grim darkness.
Track Name: Fall Before Me
I am the conqueror
Thrust upon the golden throne
I am the plague of man
Arose from the fallen
Serpentine creatures obey my beck and call

Fall Before Me

My rotting corpse is kept alive by machinery
I Defy reason as I consume and enslave

Shredding tendons
Exposing bone
Savage hunger
Rendered helpless

The warmth of the carapace
I wade through pollution

Fall Before Me

Hell unending
Tortured Prisoners
I am the God Emperor
Track Name: Subhuman Ingestion
Segragating the worthless
Separate the man from beast
All life is priceless; The hypocritical contradiction
Subhuman ingestion
Despoiled Genitals
Rape Laden Insemination
Unnatural offspring
An influx of slaughtering infants
Pelts wrought to dry for boots and clothing
Flesh consumned.
We are omnipotent
Bloodthirst, the lust for meat and skin
Heinous display, violent outburst, massacre the spawn
Flesh consumed
Acts of torture
Flesh consumed,
Squirm in entrails, masturbating with the dead
Enslavers of man
We are Omnipotent
Enslavers of man
Track Name: Patriarchal Supremecy
A cosmic, serpentine patriarchy
Your rights mean nothing when they need to feed
Terra now a butchery
The godless bow only to one
The man of cancer
The man of rot

Relentless, undying allegiance.
Utilized in sacrifice
Human cattle sustain the wyrms

Patriarchal Supremacy x3
Absolute Dominance
Patriarchal Supremacy x3
Absolute Dominance
Track Name: Enforced Extinction

Selective Pregnancy (Selective Pregnancy)
Harbouring a zealous immaculate design
Writhing, twisted infant
Breaking free of the tomb of waste
Dermal perforation
Unholy screaming
Father claims his spawn
Incubator butchered

Tooth and claw sprout forth
Agony fuels the fires of rage
Replicate the growth of a new race

Enforcing Eradication
Enforced Eradication
Track Name: Emerging Transdimensional Mass
Solar flares predict a fluctuation of unreality
Chasms open up within space
Accretion disks start to form
Ouroborus entrapment
Transdimensional warping
A questionable shifting of mass
Galactic catastrophe

Worms of space emerge
Conservation of mass contorts

Violently displacing matter
Atoms crash and fuse together
Pillars of creation eaten by the warp
All unneeded life disintegrates in the flames
Track Name: Entities of Frenzied Masturbation
Cleanse every world of organic matter
A scheme to repopulate and conquer
Purge every planet of all sentient life

These entities of frenzied masturbation
Procreate through self-fornication
Ejaculate parasites

Cumming rabid semen
Mother non-existent
Fucking the deceased
The bodies used to stimulate their cocks

Procreate through self-fornication
Ejaculating parasites
Reseed and dominate
Track Name: I, The Ecclesiarch
Psychopathic laughter echoes
Utter subjugation exact to my will
They bow down before me
As I gaze in to the abyss

I, The Ecclesiarch

Witness my might as I send forth infinite legions
To rape and mangle those who would resist
An imperium of locusts swarming, and diminishing
the population of anything left in the universe

I, The Ecclesiarch
Bear witness to my might x2

Once forsaken
Now I am praised

I am the Ecclesiarch
bear witness to my insurmountable power
I am your god now