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Suffer, Seraphim

by Rendered Helpless

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MyNameIsRedundant thumbnail
MyNameIsRedundant Where Doom metal is typically quite dreary and boring, the energy of the brutal death elements keeps the record beating hard
The atmosphere created by the slow doomy undercurrents really helps set the tone throughout the album, particularly in the back end and notably at the very edge of the record on Emperor Of Nothing which slowly build on this pulsing chug riff which smash cuts with the kick drum into this melancholic semi-clean tone melody that just tickles my jimmies. :) very happy! Favorite track: The Emperor of Nothing.
KillingForCompany thumbnail
KillingForCompany A glorious find in a sub-genre that I really don't usually enjoy. "Slam" has never really been my thing, but man has this record been a joy to discover. The riff phrasing is slowly wrung out but never boring with the drums entertaining underneath it all with lots of cool push and pull dynamics. There are even some subtle keyboard moments and a cohesive narrative arch to the lyrics. Favorite track: Matriarchal Devirgination.
monsterfukk thumbnail
monsterfukk This is next level. I honestly don't think another slam album could touch this one. Even the lyrics are bonecrunching, a slam album with real lyrics and a story, I could not love this any more. Favorite track: Malediction.
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The Ecclesiarch Universal Reign
Countless years spent purging my kingdom of the filth Serpents harvesting Their power now mine Absorbed Systematic consumption Carapaces Exploding Satiating Domination Enlivens my need to conquer Breathing life into my corpse Power surges through my veins Lightning crackles Shatter metal The gravity of my being Undoes my grand throne world I now seek to corrupt new ground Suns explode and crack dimensions Black holes sink and erupt un-light Wormholes tear a pathway to the gates
Shatter the heavens gates Crack open their domain in a display of my might Holy light blinding Endless shine burning it wont stop this greed Decimating all forms of initial resistance The sight of blood further incites my chaotic needs As innards spill and wings are torn. Suffer, Seraphim Amidts the death, on their visage Why do they grin? Toss aside an angel impaled Crush the bones right beneath my feet Weak Too weak No challenge at all Arch-Angels providing me with no pleasure Why do they grin? Why must they smile? Confusion Then dawning
"Was this all planned from the beginning?" "Is my birth part of this game?" I hear them sing, I hear them cheer Do they mock, or do they spur? Cleave my way through countless divine Purge my way to your cathedral Your presence and your facade smile upon me. I feel the light burning and flaying my being And in this rage I can't control this need to scream "You call yourself Mother... Mother of Creation? Bleed from your Womb." Your devirgination brings an end to further procreation I am now the Stillborn King Is your crying that of lamentation as you feel me ejaculating? A smirk splits across your lips I am now the Stillborn King.
Frenzied Panicked Delirious Washed in Crimson Ichor I was your puppet with no strings in flesh I slew your children as you played your game As I split your hymen godly light envelops us Disintegrating right before my eyes Deteriating into burning dust Energies dipurse Corpses disappear Infuse my spirit Is this now the end? Writhe in pain as I'm consumed by an eon of hateful longing All is not right I should experience transcendance I should be free from this dimension I can no longer feel my unlife I can now only see the light Anguish consuming Become real Cannot recreate Cannot escape
Delirium 04:32
Forever burnt by the light Eternal Regeneration Damned to suffer I feel everything that was once Shekinah Attempt to make sense of the chaos that was spewed upon this realm Post-coital adrenaline pumps through my now beating heart. A crushing death from a black hole Cannot replace the pain of redemption Sensory deprivation Existence manipulating Torturous delirium Transcending divinity
Malediction 04:22
I realise now it was my fate to redeem sin of all beings. Body born in carnage Raised as the prime evil Whose purpose is to cleanse Whose life is to suffer Suffer Divine birth blesses me Through Malediction Demon flesh embues me With Malediction Holy rape dooms me To Malediction I must endure an eternity Watch as all life passes away Crumble into nothing Endlessly I must live. Entropy of all light source Encroachment of the darkness Cannot see any future Reborn again and again Reborn again Reborn again Reborn again Reborn again
The curse brought upon me extends further than I ever knew The god of nothing No reproduction, regeneration, reinvigoration. Left alone in a universe Transhuman brain encased with dread Eradicated Macro-beings Obliterated Micro-life Attempt to breed Incapable Eyes cannot see stars collapsing after eons Darkness is all that is now known Attempt to breed Unable Attempt to die Soon reborn Eyes cannot see stars collapsing Darkness is all that is now known
The Emperor of Nothing


The third album from Rendered Helpless is the first step in a new direction from the previous release.

With more of a focus on groove, atmosphere, and dynamics. 'Suffer, Seraphim' sets itself to be just as, if not more brutal than 'Entities' while progressively developing a chaotic and miserable sonic landscape throughout the length of the album.

Thematically and lyrically the album continues on from 'Entities' in that after the birth and creation of the Corpse God, he seeks to conquer beyond the mortal realm.
With lyrics drawing influences from Warhammer, Diablo, Doom, and various religions and deities this release could be considered a 'concept album' to many.

'Suffer, Seraphim' features many local New Zealand musicians and vocalists:
Jesse Critchley of Brutal Death masters Carnal
Joshua Bain of the Deathcore titans Depths
Connor Dickson of the hardhitting Mercy
And Vin Jones from the punishing Plague of the Fallen

Physical pre-orders available soon via Inherited Suffering Records.

Album music written, recorded and arranged by Alexander Paul.
Album art by Par Olofsson.
Mixed and Mastered by Miguel of Demigod Recordings.
Chorale performances by Isabel Lyckholm


released January 25, 2019


all rights reserved



Rendered Helpless Christchurch, New Zealand

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